what can i do if someone don't respond to a deal for 2 days?

  • so i try to make a deal with someone that have chelsea ok, and i want to buy hazard for 40m so i make a deal for 40m and he doen't respond is it good or not is the money enough or not like i try messenge him too but he also didnt respond to it what can i do ? i may say f it and buy reus

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate....you are the manager and you have to decide to do in such cases...if you need one player so bad and you can wait many days, maybe you can wait...but just as advise, you have to consider every option you have...maybe buy another player and strengthen your team faster?...make another offer on another manager? try to find a player on the transfer list? send a scout? You have to consider all these options and many others, and decide the best for your team....