About crew battle objectives

  • Hello guys, greetings from Argentina.
    I've recently came back to OSM with 4 friends. What a surprise, that we found this 'crew battle' system.
    So far, we are doing well on our first 5v5, but i wanted to ask if 5v5 matches appear in your trophy room or something. I'm currently 1st, but my friend who is 2nd has the same points as me and he is 1 goal behind me, but his objective is 3rd.
    I don't think he should let me win, but, should i be worried about that? Or just about winning matches for medals?
    Thanks for your time

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate, for me the important thing is winning the battle....and to do that you have to win your opponent managers....you don't play with each other anymore to be able to "fix" games...so winning every match is the target of crew battles and not the goal of each other....(i don't suppose you are going to lose a game with an opponent, so another manager makes his goal....)

  • @de-xrist Yeah, i know that's the most important thing, but its weird to have an objective in a case like this

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