Tactics Request - 4-3-3A

  • Right so I’ve got (Liverpool) the best team/squad in my league, multiple golds and mix of players age 20-30 but mostly younger than 24. I’ve signed many top quality players and sold the likes of James Milner, Wijnaldum and Firmino to fund a team of Mane LW, Salah ST, Messi RW, Keita LCM, F. De Jong CM, Casemiro RCM, Robertson LB, Van Dijk and Gomez CB, Trent RB and Alisson GK. My mates in the league have teams and squads that are so much worse and don’t invest as much time into the game as me. Yet whenever I play them it’s either very close or I lose? I don’t understand. They always go “oh well it’s your tactics that are messing you up.” They all play 4-3-3A Wing Play Aggressive/Normal Tackling, with Zonal Marking and no offside trap. I also play 4-3-3A Wing Play Aggressive with Zonal Marking and no offside trap, but with attacking full backs, midfield staying in position and attack supporting the midfield. Pressing is 70, Style is 70 and Tempo is 80. What am I doing wrong for rival teams with the same tactics and worse teams draw/beat me, even when I may dominate possession? I don’t really want to change formation as I rely on wingers to score my goals which they have been doing e.g Sadio Mane (12 from 5 in fact) and Lionel Messi, but they are nowhere to be seen in big rival games. Help?

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