• We've fought with the other crew with the same result in the end. But our crew got winner. I'd ask to you, if the both of crew got the same result in the end,are they got winner both? how to calculate or make the crew be priority of winning the crew battle?

    At my previous battle crew which the result is same, we got lack on manager points, the winner of the top ranking, the club value. Is the target every club make the cew got winner?

  • @mrzsut Hello and welcome to the World forum ! 🙂

    If your Crew played in the 10 days Crew battle and got the exact same points with the opposite Crew then the one that scored the most goals is the winner in the end of the Battle.
    I suppose your team scored the biggest amount of goals on this battle. Correct ?

  • I'm glad with your answer that the amount of goals is the second priority after winning points.
    The battle has ended. I couldn't evaluate the amount of goals.