How do i Report a player for offensive language?

  • Hi basically this guy is using extreme offensive language. I dont know if there is a dutch mod looking at this but these are the screenshots. I will translate below.


    'you re such a **** and sad guy'

    'you know you can't become champion why are you **** ruining it'

    ' hahahaha **** dog you will never reach above 4th place'

    'watch me'

    ' I am gonna break u'

    'I am gonna give everything up just to ****' (over)

    How can i report this guy?

  • @jordi265_nl Hi, welcome.

    You can report offensive language using our current cheater report system by going to the users profile.

    Don't forget to add screens of the message in the cr, so you'll have to use an imagehost like imgur or use lightshot to be able to do that.