Noone is able to sell players in the league

  • The past 3 days there has only been a single transfer simulation other than that nothing is happening during the usual transfer hours, no one is able to sell their players.

    It is a spanish league moderated by osm. I am in charge of Getafe.

    Do not have this problem on my other slot which is the USA league, everyone is able to sell their players at the transfer simulation times there.

  • Hi,

    First of all, let me tell you that there was no issues with transfer simulations. I believe you wanted to say that only one player was sold on past 3 days!
    If that was what you mean, then you're also wrong 😉

    • You're on round 7 and 2 players where already sold at maximum rate
    • On round 6, 5 players were sold being 4 of them at maximum rate
    • On round 5, 6 players were sold being 5 of them at maximum rate

    Don't forget that you're playing in a Spanish league and players have high values.

    Selling players is a matter of luck. Probability is calculated taking into account total price and increase rate. Expensive players will have way less probability of being sold!
    And you guys are trying to sell expensive players at maximum rate, so don't expect them to be sold at same speed as cheap players at low rates!