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  • Portuguese Users

    Well, with the new update finally came the summary available for pc thanks, but I think it came a bit late because I no longer feel the same. I noticed that now in the choice of the leagues there are only 18 clubs to train, no leagues appear, we are forced to choose one of these eighteen clubs just to train as they are? Remember that pc players have different tastes from the mobile phone. I only use app for training and sales, never for leagues selection, because it is not complex and makes play weak and repetitive thanks

  • Portuguese Users

    how much longer will it take with bugs? If it stays this way forever, let me know, I'm going to take a vacation.
    Please, test before ruin and release bugs. thanks

  • Hi, welcome.
    If you would have read topics that have been posted on support about the filter option, then you'll know that it's been reported.

    At the moment that it's been reported then the only thing we can do, it will not go faster when you open similar topics after we reported it.

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