Can't scout Cristiano Ronaldo!!

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    Sorry I cannot add screenshot by this browser. But the problem is that I cannot scout ronaldo in the game.

    Its on my first slot and I play among my friends and he is not in the league for sure. I have checked every squad.

    I’m building an portugalise squad so I need Ronaldo.
    I have sent 10 scouts for him !!
    Winger +90
    Age +29
    Sometimes I specied Portuguese and in Italian league!!
    sometimes not.
    But the same end! No Ronaldo!!

    It brings players that are not wingers or not portuguese or not in the Calcio !!

    What to do??

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    Any Moderator??

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    Hi Shim, I had a look at it. You sent out 2 scouts:

    • 90+, Portugese, Italy, no position, no age
    • 90+, Portugese, Italy, Attacker, Veteran

    Both didn't result in Ronaldo. First one is possible, but for the 2nd instruction you would expect him. I tested it myself and I did get Ronaldo. We need to investigate this, will be difficult but we'll give it a try.

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    We cannot reproduce it anymore and we didn't get any similar complaints. This means we close this topic.