• I have written that the manager of **** and the manager of **** appear to be the same person, but you seem to be near the cheaters. **** and **** have the same names, they are written differently for different accounts. Why are you standing next to the cheaters? Why are you blocking people from playing this game with justice? For the last time. *** with **** is a multiple account. I reported them, but no one has closed either **** and **** accounts. I'm completely chilled by the game because of such cheats… I'm about to delete my account. My game account name is Bane_Frambuaz. I'm playing that game in the Turkish language...

  • @bane_frambuaz Hi, welcome.
    Sorry but cheatings will never be discussed or reported/handled via our forums.
    That you'll think that someone is cheating doesn't automatically mean that they are cheating.

    If you're about to delete your account then you'll have to keep in mind that it's a final decision and you will not be able to get it back if you regret the decision.
    So it's to be adviced to think about that before doing it.