Bug in stadium capacity / money from home games

  • Hello,

    I began playing OSM 1 week ago and something strange happened in my last 2 home games: in the first one, I didn't get ANY gate receipt (only from sponsors and the fixed income; in the second one (that happened 30 minutes ago) I only got 360k (I increased the stadium capacity in "one star", so I suspect it's the money that comes from the increasing)

    So, is the game assuming that my stadium had a capacity of 0 supporters before the improvement? This is a bug, right?

  • Hi again,

    I know I'm not supposed to bump a thread, but the bug I reported in the previous post happened again today. I'm now on a 3 home game streak with no money from the attendance.This is obviously an error from the game.

    What am I suppose to do? Should I send an email to the support contact or just wait? If someome more experienced could help me, i would be grateful.

  • @Teles-Pinto I'll look into it.

  • Hi, welcome.
    I'm going to close this topic.

    Bugs should be reported by our bug template and include screenshot, you can find the template in the please read important topic.

    When the problem still exsist then you can open a new topic including everything that's needed.