[Bug] I bought a player but decreased coins (twice) and a part of the money

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    I bought a player (Luis Alberto) and I needed to use all my money and only 186 coins (around 186) to paid for him. But when I did it, the coins went down twice and only a part of the money.

    Login: El Cavegol
    Account: Slot3 (with Rennes, French league)
    League number: 30480955
    Date & Time of the bug: 2 June around 11:30 (GMT-3)
    Platform: Website PC
    Bug step-by-step Description:
    First one, I clicked on the player and clicked to paid the money and the coins. Then, It showed up the ad "oops.... something went wrong". And then, when I went to my team I realize that I had 900 coins when I had around 1250. And I I also realized that I had some money (4,60 M) when I should have zero.
    Browser: Mozilla Firefox

    I hope you can solve it. Thanks for your time.

  • @el-cavegol Hi, welcome.
    Thanks this has been reported.

  • @el-cavegol The extra bc's have been refunded to you, time to close this topic.