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    how do i negotiate someone in a transfer and get someone cheaper than on transfer market

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    please reply

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  • @aditya-sriram There really isn't any option available to make an offer for a player that is already on transfer list. If a player is on transfer list then in my knowledge there might be only one thing you can do to negotiate for cheaper.
    First of all you have check if the player was put on transfer list by an actual team from YOUR league, (the league you are actually playing in right now) the team must be controlled by a human manager not a bot/computer, then contact the manager of that team by sending a private message and try to make your deal, if that manager is willing to sell the player to you then he will remove him from transfer list and let you make an offer.
    If that player (the one on transfer list) belongs to some other team that is not in your current league then I don't think it's possible to negotiate for that player at all.

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