• Hi,

    Last night around 00:45 one of our competition databases (laure) had a serious issue. We put this database offline and are currently investigating the problem. This means that no transfers or simulations are done on laure.

    So please be patient if you see this:


    All other services and databases are still active!

    kind regards,

  • Update: we found the problem and are recovering data that got lost. This is mainly related to player data.

    No worries: upcoming match simulations for team slots that are temporarily unavailable will be postponed for 24hrs.

  • Good news! All problems are fixed. You can enter your team slots again and continue setting up your team as normal.

    Note: Simulations are delayed until tomorrow. Check your timers, they should be updated with the new simulation time.

    We will compensate the spent BossCoins for the affected users, with a small addition for the troubles tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your patience 🙂