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    Is there anyone here who can advice me how to be one of the first managers in a popular league? I play small leagues most of the time, but now I want to try bigger leagues. Most of the time the best teams are already taken. Can anyone give me advice how to be the first or second manager in a new league (big competition like England)? Will most new leagues be created during the simulation times or will most new leagues will be created during the day?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @koningco Hi, welcome.
    Different leagues will be created during the day.
    In popular leagues you'll indeed need to be fast, it's difficult to give you any advice to be first in those leagues, since you'll also need to bee lucky to find them.
    Then you should continue looking for those country's etc.

    The only way to garanty that you're first in the league is either to buy a team or to create your own league.