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    Re: Any nostalgic managers still playing OFM?

    Wow..this surely changed a lot! I'm feeling like someone who left school ages ago and going back after a good number of years! Was reading the posts and oh boy..I miss the old names that were mentioned! All the names that used to make these forums epic..even the annoying ones like Yusuf etc lol. Was looking at my emails and found the emails received when a post of a moderator was vacant and found all the email people sent me to apply..and it made me come back to see how things are these days! So glad to see some familiar faces still around, some with different names, but still here. :{../name}:

    I don't even know how to correctly post these days lol!

  • @luca-pirlo Hi, welcome.
    Nice to see you back out here, next time when you reply only hit the reply button.
    Now you've openent a complete new topic, so I will close this one and you can give it a try in the correct topic 😉