Any nostalgic managers still playing OFM?

  • I have been playing for quite a few years (have had my crew still going since 2006) and was wondering whether there were any managers still playing the game from the good old days of OFM? Any older staff members that know me still a part of Gamebasics?

    It would be awesome to get back in touch with you guys!

    How are you all?

    My oh my how things have changed around here.

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    Nice to see you many years passed...pleased to see some old, good managers still playing this game...

  • It has been a while! How are you going mate? Still in the Forum Moderator uniform I see. How is it all going?

    I've been around still, I just haven't visited the forum at all and my crew has been inactive (but still exists). What's been happening?

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    The good thing is that you are still active in a way....many changes on this game.....the forums are still active but they have lost the glamour of the old days...also the disappear of the old league chat option, has forced many managers to leave the game....the game became some how an impersonal game, like many other games....but they are app versions that brought many new managers in here...

  • I have noticed all the changes and they are very good aesthetically, but unfortunately you do lose the older managers that have been playing the game since day dot. I really miss those days!

    Oh wow! I remember the league chat; that definitely would've been enough to see some managers go. At the same time I have noticed the crew chat change too which may help with activity. It just seems like a hassle now to communicate like the good old days.

    I've been playing the game on the app since they were released. It's pretty much the main thing that's kept me going as I can set up my team on the go instead of having to be at a PC. I just wish the rest of the crew was still around. It would be awesome to get them all back again. I have received messages from people every now and again but it's more to just say hi and then they leave for however many months or years...

  • Hey there Gary! Yeah, there is still some of us that are still hanging on this game in a nostalgic way. To be fair, for me, despite or the glamour and everything, game lost its touch and surelly is not what its used to me. Oh when I remember how cool crew battles used to be and how intense we developed tactical plans and everything on crew forums.. and how great was the banter in league chats.
    Sadly, those days are long gone. Nowadays with coins and everything I dont see a point in playing this game in any competitive way and Im playing it for pure fun for almost 4-5 years now already. For pure fun and relaxment its still nice.

  • One apologises for the impending Nixiewall(TM), but I missed the boat by three months - joined in December '13. Speaking for forumside only: The contemporary OSM forums are a mere shell, even of the good old embryonic-OSM days (six years and a half of forum history indiscriminately nuked) - how many people do you know that claim to live in a box in South-East Cornwall^, as I did during TBI #109?

    I, for one, am much too content in the retirement home to even remember crew chat. It was all about our own crew forums on OSM back in '14, '15, that time. All Star Crew, Best of Turkey, Proud To Be Croat... the names are still there, but I am honestly shocked^^ to realise that OSM are now claiming that they only created crews, a mainstay of OFM and Nixie-era OSM, two weeks ago^^^

    Back in MY DAY, we had to attract six members in the first week both ways in the snow, or else the government would dissolve us! and now membership's capped at 24 for the rest of time, haha. For all intents and purposes, I am heavily convinced that OSM's equivalents to Oasis and Blur are still duking it out for number one... or that the charts are still on Sunday at 4pm in the first place.

    I always saw OSM as a stepping stone towards SI's Football Manager, which I eventually reached, even if I spunked away most of me time over down them thar forums. Due to GCSEs (and "yeah, mate, the forums are inactive, mate"), however, both have fallen well down the priority list. I might really return to action in five years, or at least in time for my tenth OSM anniversary, and see how much the game's been thrust into the future by then. For now, mind you...

    ^said claim long since recanted. The other thing I've learned at secondary school, of course, is passive-aggressive and sarcasm...
    ^^yes, but GCSE Physics requires you to know the circuit symbols inside-out, upside-down and in Greek with a Caesar shift of nine. I know, right? (don't worry, I manage)
    ^^^also BIMD! - I never had to shake my walking stick at "Crew is full" notices. But then again...

  • @Majstor-Matt Now there's a name I remember from back in the day, how are you going mate? It's good to see you stuck around over all these years despite the changes, however good or bad. I too am playing for the fun aspect and it takes up some spare time. I love the sport so I do enjoy playing the game here, and it keeps me up to speed with player names, team changes, etc. Haha.

    Crew battles were insane back in those days. I mean, my crew didn't win many of them but there's only room for improvement. I don't like how the new manager points system works here though... Pretty much all of the great players have dropped down in the ranks as their hard-earned manager points have basically "expired" which sucks. Remember the days of Supermartje?

    @nixieosm I don't remember too much of you but I do remember seeing your name around the forum. Good to see you're still around technically. I've hit my 10 years and am still here, haha. Time flies.

  • @gary-gomes How on earth I still have 101 manager points is inexplicable! Also, you're not supposed to remember me, I was always more of a forum-dweller and only ever won a single cup... which therefore makes me more successful than Fulham, rather unfortunately.

  • I remember you from the forum, haha. I was a frequent user of it myself.

  • @gary-gomes Im doing good , thanks. I hope life is treating you well also mate ­čÖé

    Yeah, ranking system is really not favourable in any way to the long time members as it used to be. Im okay with the fact that there is some kind of "active" ranking like this one that merits basically only 1 year period, but some kind of "legendary" ranking that would give some justice to long time members where all earned points would be shown would surely be nice, and It would show that game owners are thinking about us old customers as well.

  • Life is treating me well so far, thanks man.

    I tend to agree with you. It gives new and active players a chance to be at the top without competing with managers who have been around since day dot. A custom ranking for those managers that have been around for some time would be amazing... May be something that's based on time playing OFM or used to be in first place on the rankings?

    At the end of the day it is a business so they have to do what's right for the business. A little bonus here and there for the managers that play the game wouldn't go astray either. It would make for a nice addition to anyone's profile. May be even adding a 'Legendary' or 'Champion' category to the achievements list that could be purely based on customised achievements awarded directly by the staff (and not automatically obtained so people don't have empty slots in their achievements)? I reckon that would work better too.

    Are there any other old school managers out there?!

  • @gary-gomes Completelly agree with you on everything. I even suggested couple times those things couple times, but sadly it looks like they are not profitable for them ­čśĽ

    As for other "old school" guys.. I kinda lost touch to activity of others as I dont visit forums that often anymore and I play normal leagues for my pure fun so really dont know much about other guys.

  • @gary-gomes said in Any nostalgic managers still playing OFM?:

    Are there any other old school managers out there?!

    I would not consider myself an 'old school manager' as I have never been active in the OFM community, although I already play OSM on the Dutch version since 2007.

    With my OFM account I'm part of a really old crew: Kanarifuglene. You may still remember them.. This was a really active and succesful crew back in the days, but nowadays they are what we call in Dutch a "museum crew". ­čśë

  • @majstor-matt That sucks man, ah well. I play the game now purely for fun and to make sure my crew still stands, haha. However inactive it may be. I was actually planning on releasing a forum completely external to OSM where managers could come together to discuss tactics and what not. I had it planned with a couple of old school managers but having lost interest in the game a couple of years ago that idea went down the drain quick smart. I actually still have the forum on my hosting account come to think of it!

    @Silvester-J I actually do remember your manager name and remember Kanarifuglene very well! They were an epic crew and were in 1st spot for so many years. What happened to everyone there? I can only assume some of the managers grew out of the game and became inactive?

    Great to see you guys still there though! Keep up the good work. I have kept my crew, the OFM Dream Team going all this time since I created it too. Crew number 59 judging by my link.

  • I don't know anyone of you, friends. I play this game since 2013, but first came on the forums around an year later. Anyway...
    I am fan of the coins system which replaced the old ticket system, but this is just one of the few things which has been improved during the last years.
    Those old forums... when crewmates were spending amazing time together and other managers from other crews were visiting your crewpage. When you arrange a crew battle and before the real start of the battle it has already started between the managers on the forum hah. The crew forum was like a home for every crew, something really special in my oppinion which made osm a totally different game than the games released by some other compaigns etc.
    In fact I like more the older design of the game, it was more friendly, I don't feel really comfortable with the new one, am I outdated haha?!
    The chat in the league.... come on, that was one of the best parts of the game or even the best one and when asking somtime about I don't remember who told me this but I was told that thanks to the lack of the crew chat there won't be seen any rude language between managers in the same league. Ridicilous, because if someone wants to insult you, he will do it in the chat anyway ­čśü
    Life was easier back then... ­čśů

  • There are of course still play the nostalgia Manager.­čç╣­čçĚ Ôś║

  • @alexander-6666 If they kept things modern like they are now but left the crew chat and forum functions alone, this game would be absolutely amazing. They wouldn't have lost such a huge number of managers because of it and I feel a lot of the nostalgic crews from the past would still be actively playing, at least a lot more than they are now.

    Unfortunately change happens, that's just the nature of the beast. Decisions wouldn't have been taken lightly in my opinion and the majority decided to go ahead with the changes.

    That doesn't mean that we can't make OSM what it used to be to the best of our abilities though, right?

    @OFMS├╝perStar I don't recognise your username at all unfortunately. Did you have another username years ago?

  • @gary-gomes Other users do not have to start a new step my game has only still ongoing nostalgia for former executive managers to the game.Ôś║ ­čç╣­čçĚ

  • @ofms├╝perstar I don't really understand what you're trying to say... Judging by your profile, you have only been a manager of OSM for 6 days. Did you have another manager name before or have you just started the game?