OSM Events: How to improve? Discussion of current ones!

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     What about current event? 
      How can it be improved?

    As you can see from the posts below, last event was really controversial and there was some interesting feedback and we decided to increase this discussion and see where it can take us.

    @jeffro-davies The latter. It's the total squad value you have when it finishes on Thursday.

  • Gamebasics... you guys seriously have no clue what you are doing right? How is this a fair competition?

    To those who do not understand what I mean, let me quickly summarize what this "team building" event actually means:

    To put it shortly: its a russian roulette. Managers who are already far into a competition, have an unfair advantage over others. And the sad part is, managers who don't understand this will desperately invest hundreds of coins into this, while realistically they have 0 chance if they start a brand new competition. If you think about it this way, you can actually think of this event being a sort of scam, to try to persuade the manager to invest more coins than usual. And you know what the funniest part is? In the announcement they say it's only for the best managers... what a joke!

    I can go on to criticize this event even further, but honestly, that is not worth my time. It's a big shame Gamebasics, you should be ashamed of yourselves that you cannot even think for one second about fair regulations for a "competition" like this.

    Therefore, my advice to other managers that are reading this is: do not invest in this event if you have to start a brandnew competition for this. You have no idea how far other managers are, and thus the chance of getting a high price is extremely low. Don't waste your money guys, take it from someone who has played this game for many, many years.

    To any admins: Im sorry if my message is written in a very bold way, but I seriously cannot contain myself anymore. Stuff like this needs to be adressed, we shouldn't let this happen anymore.

  • Context, this is the event:


  • @thebestmanagernl I agree with your sentiment, the game is getting pay-to-win increasingly over time, not only that the ad-placement is horrible and everytime I get a 30 second ad in the middle of a game I start wondering if OSM is worth it.

    Let alone those "signed jersey" events where the free boss coin button gets removed away so instead of making 9 boss coin per hour you're making 6, even better when there's a double coin event and the button still gets removed

    Let's not even talk about how many weeks it has passed already without a double coin event, all weekend events lately have just been : Waste waste waste coins and get nothing in return.

    And these so called "competitions" where you pay in boss coins to win are just .. I have no words for it, free users exist believe it or not, even if the paying users pay your salaries, the free user is who makes up for most of your players and user base, he's also the one who's chances are higher that he will bring more people in the game, yet you completely disregard the free user, it's like we don't even exist.

    Also notice how last event the first prize was 1337 coins, and the user who won it invested almost 10k coins or more into it, now the prize got adjusted "Fairly", basically you're getting nothing out of these events even if you invest a lot, your investment will be bigger than your return, which defeats the purpose of a "prize"

  • Spot on Sergiu.

  • @galipcaliskan1907 this thursday at 20:00 Will be the last match of the competition, then it ends. Will teams of this competition also compeet in this event?

  • @thebestmanagernl Don't be sorry to write in a bold way. As long as we have respect and don't insult each other feel free to write your concerns. You may not think so right now, but we are listening and do appreciate the feedback we get.

    These temporary events are also new for us, we are trying new things and continue to improve on the feedback managers like you give us. In that regard, I would like to thank you and @sergiu-il for letting us know what you think. I will be sure to pass it on.
    For example; the rise in rewards (now 10x (!) more than the last event, and rewards for places 4-10) is one of the things we changed based on the feedback from the previous event.

    I also want to emphasise that these events are completely optional. Nobody is forced to compete or spend BossCoins. If you don't feel like you have a chance to win, which you are free to feel, don't compete. Just play OSM like you normally would, and if you're really that good, you can even join the top10 without actively competing.

    But everything aside calling it a scam goes too far in my opinion. We are not out here looking for ways to scam our managers. The rules are clear and transparent, it's optional, you don't have to spend BossCoins to compete and the prize is nothing to joke about.

    Again, thanks for the feedback on these events. We will continue to improve them based on your (and others) messages.

  • @GalipCaliskan1907 Thanks for the feedback, it's always good to be told that our opinions are heard but I judge by the actions not the words, and so far improvements have been minimal and all focused on the paying user mostly.

    While these events are completely optional, they're highly situational and "benefit" the paying user mostly, do not mistake it's a great initiative and I'm glad that you're doing these events.

    But what are the free users getting in events? Nothing at all? You could atleast once per month make an event for example like already happened in the past, for example training players 50 times in 4 days you get 50, 100, 150 Boss coins, whatever prize you deem fit.

    Think with me, not only you're keeping your free users happy, you're also engaging the community to be more active, my concern here is not with the events, but the lack of them for free users.

  • Pure and simple: If you need to use coins to achieve something then It's not for the BEST MANAGERS! It is sad that GB is doing this scam competitions for wealthy users who usually waste coins and make ridiculous teams in this competitions. But its always nice to see that even though they have tons of players rated over 120 they still lose games to managers with squad players rated around 85. THOSE MANAGERS ARE THE REAL MVP's and competitions should be built around them.

    Lets say: Win with biggest squad difference event, something like that, then, only then we can talk about fair and right competitions for BEST MANAGERS 😉

  • @galipcaliskan1907 Of course It's not pure scam. But putting trhe words "only best managers are asked to compete" Is kinda scamish, you must admit. I understand marketing and everything, but dont use words "best managers" for this lottery competitions, please 😉

  • Lol agreed. It should be more like 'Only wealthy managers are asked to compete'. 😂

  • 6.3billion after one day. A 184 rated defender (worth 1.1billion alone) in his team😳he’s in twice, 6th with 2.8billion squad value! Wonder how many coins he’s spent speeding timers up to get that squad values😂

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    @jeffro-davies Impossible to believe, we need picture! 😮😮😝

  • @edgaream put his manager name in your friends, make sure you’re logged in on one of your slots. Then you can look for yourself, go on his profile, then slots and click on “inter Milan” I’ve no reason to lie😂I’m on my phone, screen shots are hard lol

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    @jeffro-davies Definitely is insane...

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    @jeffro-davies said in Promotions/Campaigns:

    put his manager name in your friends, make sure you’re logged in on one of your slots. Then you can look for yourself, go on his profile, then slots and click on “inter Milan” I’ve no reason to lieI’m on my phone, screen shots are hard


    Money, money!!!!! Madness!!

  • Can we also expect any events where the smartest and most efficient players are able to win something instead of those guys who are willing to spend thousands of BCs and still end up losing against others? Would be nice to see 🙂

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    @jeffro-davies said in Promotions/Campaigns:

    6.3billion after one day. A 184 rated defender (worth 1.1billion alone) in his team😳he’s in twice, 6th with 2.8billion squad value! Wonder how many coins he’s spent speeding timers up to get that squad values😂

    Only Skriniar 184, is greater in value than any of my current teams, jeje.

  • What's the name of the manager? 😆

  • Wow, he is so GOOD! Must be the best manager ever. ******************** Text removed *************

    Dont even try to put some competitions like :

    • winning the most matches in certain period
    • winning most Mp's
    • scoring most goals
    • conceeding least goals

    Yeah, thats just not for the "best managers" 😉