• Any tips on how to get the Expert: Dream Team achievement?

  • Get a team in a league with 20 or 24 teams. Be active every 2 hours at transfers and it will be possible to do it with every team.

    Another option is to choose a team with a valuable squad as Barcelona or Real Madrid if you want to make this easier 😉

  • @rmihai
    I am Millwall and have a value of 250 million at the minute. Got 11 people in the league atm including myself, don’t know any of them.
    GK: De Gea 96
    LB: Alex Sandro 92
    CB: Hummels 94
    CB: Upamecano 86
    RB: Kimmich
    CDM: Kante 99
    CDM: Saul 95
    CAM: De Bruyne 97
    RW:Messi 100
    ST: Lewandowski 95
    LW: Neymar 97
    I am trying to go for the 10,000 manager points at the same time as well.