Cheater Keeps getting Not Guilty Report!!!

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    There is an Iranian guy at my league. He opened 2 fake accounts , sold those teams players with boss coins at base price. Then bought players from his main account at highest price. Those fake accounts created at transfer date and he never logged back those accounts!!! But eventho I sent 1000 times report he still not guilty. Can anyone explain me how is that even possibble?? Just how?

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    @sirahmedoviç As one of the manager said previous topics

    You can always send a mail to if you need to add more proofs.

    I exactly did that and after they send me Please report in game as an answer. They didnot even considered my screenshots etc.

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    I believed the messages you've received were clear;

    • Cheating will never be discussed/handled/reported trough forums.
    • If you suspect cheating then you have to report it through our system by going to the managers profile and use the report cheater tool which you can find there. Put as many proofs as you can.
    • Because you think that someone is cheating doesn't mean they are, so if after investigation user was found guilty or not (due to lack of proof or lack of enough evidence) then verdict will be given.