They didn't give me my DT points why?

  • What happens is that I finished a season with Manchester City being in the first position and at the end of the season when the slot was released it is assumed that the pints would have to be there but they do not appear to me, it seems that they were stolen from me because it is due Does anyone explain to me?

  • @jhonny_93 Hi mate

    The manager points are not stolen, you've finished with Man. City on the third slot. So the manager points are added on the third slot.

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  • English Moderator

    @lirind That's correct! Thanks 👍

    @jhonny_93 Every slot has it's own separate ranking, and they are counted separately for the ranking.
    App only shows the slot with the highest amount of manager points received, so that will only change when you finish a season with that same slot again or another slot with a manager point higher than the current one displayed.