Newbies disconnect in the middle of battle

  • Hi everyone.
    I would like to ask you to fix a very recurring problem in the game, regarding battles. Many times newbies enter the game and get into a battle that is about to start because the absence of just one player, and immediately begins. Then this rookie no longer enters the game. It doesn't give me time to moderate either. Obviously all points of that player are lost. Sometimes it happens with players who are not newbies, only that they stop playing for several days or definitely.
    Couldn't that be modified to replace the inactive player with another asset? I would rather be a couple of days without a member instead of the whole battle. It is a problem of game analysis that I think should be corrected.
    Thank you all. And please, do not close the subject after your response if it is not going to be with a solution.

  • From the forum in Spanish they sent me to consult this problem in the forum in English, but I see that there is no solution here either.

  • Hi, welcome.
    For now there indeed isn't any solution for it.
    But changing a member after a couple of days isn't the solution either.
    It doesn't make the game more fair and could be used to cheat if such option would be there. So if it's going to be there then it's something on long terms when many factors have been considered.

    Also there are crew leaders or members, they can learn the newbies how things work in their crew,battles etc.