Newbies disconnect in the middle of battle. Reply.

  • Hi, @Hespera , thanks for your response.
    The previous topic was closed, so, I reply you in another.
    I understand, in part, but I do my best to help and explain to rookies how crews and battles work, and I try to help them in everything about the game, even to make them progress on their own outside the crew. I am the leader of the crew, by the way.
    I can't think of any way to cheat, that is more unfair or more damaging than someone who joins the battle and then doesn't enter the game anymore, harming everyone in the crew.
    I am actually speaking on behalf of several of the crew members, and I am absolutely certain that it must be a general problem for game users and that, if you did a survey, the majority would be in favor of the possibility that leaders can expel someone who doesn't connect and replace him with someone who is not in battle. There is an option in which I, as a leader, can expel a member from the group league when he did not connect for several days. What I propose would be something like that.

  • @pablogcz Hi, welcome.
    If you want to make an suggestion then you'll have to put it in this topic

    Work things out okay, with several reasons why it should be there.
    They will read a long but keep in mind we never promise that suggestions will be added on short term, since it's up to GB to decide when or if the suggestion will be implemented.

    Let's keep support forum for help instead of suggestions.
    Thanks for understanding 😉