Can t acces an invite competition

  • Dutch Users

    good day, i have an invite from a friend to join his competition.

    But when i try to go over there with my slot 4 it jumbs back to the home page and gives an error. Please help. thanks

  • Dutch Users

    extra info... i deleted my old files/ cookies and old history. And still i can not join the leauge and puts me back immidiatly with the notification " OOPS somthing went wrong, try to get help at forum back to the Home page.

  • Hi all,

    I have the same issue. It is when I try to acces my friends screen. I get the message 'oops something went wrong' and then I am logged out of the game. So I can not acces the friends screen and therefore I can also not accept any invitations to competitions. Please help.

    Kind regards,

  • I managed to accept the invitation by going to the slots overview. With my second slot I was able to join the invitation. However, the friends screen still does not work.

    *** EDIT: after I added my friend, my friends screen is now working, my issue is solved***

  • Hi, welcome. Since this is solved already the topic can be closed.