• OSM's general moderators game makers did not share information about the game did not send notifications. Big neglect and mistakes are multiplied in the game. New game managers don't show as much interest as old ones.
    First of all, no reply to mails.
    Secondly, there is big mistakes in team battles.
    Finally, according to your rankings in team battles, our winning percentage changes.
    Therefore, interest in the game decreased and our team players started to quit the game.

  • Also, the war was postponed, but nobody said anything.

  • @td_vedat Hi, welcome.
    It already has been told before it has been anounced via our forums under updates, that's not very hard to find.

    When there's an emergency fix there will never be any time to send out notifications, so the first thing that you should check is Updates topic.

    We've awnsered you already several times and it seems that you still didn't took the time to even check.

    If there really was an bug in rankings from team battles then there would be more reports about it.

    So unless you're able to provide us a complete filled in bug template which you can find in the please read important topic, then there's nothing that we can do.

    This topic will be closed again, If you have a real bug then you're free to post again in a new topic complete with the template.

    Keep in mind that this forum is for bugs and support and this kind of post are spam post.

    If you sent an email to support then you also can wait till they awnser, since it's not 24/7 support time, you should understand that.