• the game 999_NL about 18 hours ago
    how is this possible i callt 2 times and i sms 1 but all say sorry **** money gone no coints how to get money for free OSM?

    Hespera ENGLISH MODERATOR about 18 hours ago
    @the-game-999_nl Hi, welcome to world forum.
    Remember that you're visiting our forums and one of our basic rules is that we talk in a normal way around our forums.

    When you're able to do that, then you can contact Dutch support by email in a polite way providing manager name, clear explaination of the problem and code.

    i call and i do not remember the code because i callt a second time
    this is not fair for us yes for you of course with your own rule, we can't show we are right. yes my bill were it says i call that number, but now i need to work for your site and all that for a couple euro?
    you guys know that will not happen no so easy money for you guys great job drink one on me no problem. and the site is not good at all so fix it or let people not buy stuff till it is fixt that is a better rule.
    now i go to work again so i can work my money back hahahahha
    or did i say again thinks that is in your rules? yes of course if people are complaining it's always the same pffff just do your work then i did not need to spend my ti me on stupid things like this that pisses me off.

  • @the-game-999_nl Hi, welcome.

    If you don't remember the code then just say that as extra info on your email to Dutch support.

    They will provide you the support that you'll need and you can write to them in Dutch.

    Since you quoted my text the email is also there, so please follow the instructions I'll gave to you.

    This will be closed again, I'll gave you the exact instructions on what to do next and that should be enough.