Cheater in my league

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    Hello Staff,

    Let me start with the fact that I made a new account so I'm able to post on these forums. I wasn't able to log in with my real account here for some reason.

    Oke, that being said here is the problem.

    I'm playing in a league as Barcelona. The Atletico Madrid manager is cheating in this league by using Getafe as a 2nd team.

    He makes cheap transfers for himself and buys his own players for big amounts with Getafe.

    Anyway, I reported him twice. First time nothing was done. Second time still nothing has been done and I can't report a third time because my 2nd report is still pending... it's been a few weeks already...

    Please help me.

  • @azzy93 Hi, welcome.
    Since we are not discussing any cases or handle reports via forums you should always contact support via email:

    In this case it's also needed to provide both of your manager names.
    Keep in mind that creating new accounts without removing the other is always against osm terms.

    We've a special support email for account issues etc.

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