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    My nick: "HESAPSON"
    My fb: "Cihan Arısoy"
    social success does not work error
    I have 5 friends on my facebook, but not automatically added
    i want to social success and bc.
    i did but not added help please
    maybe it wants to update

    my friends nicks: "sondanbesinci" "sondandorduncu" "sondanucuncu" "sondanikincii" "sondanbirincii"

    my friends fb names: "Sondan Besinci" "Sondan Dorduncu" "Sondan Ucuncu" "Sondan İkinci" "Sondan Birinci"

  • @hakanyagmurhifa Hi, welcome.
    Nice try, but in this case it's pretty clear why it's not working.

    The only thing I will say now before I'll close it is that you should read our terms and make sure that you won't breach any terms when requesting support.