I need help, can't shut down crew

  • One of my former crew mates has created our crew academy (new crew), and after fw months ofm has suspended his account indefinitely, and the academy (crew he has created) didn't shut down, deleted,....

    That crew now has no leader oe captain, and no one can sign these options, so no one from inside the crew can't shut it down, and deleted it.
    So I'm wondering can OFM deleted it, because we wanna organise a new academy, and current academy is using our logo and name, but we cant control it at all, and there is no purpose of that crew without a leader and captain options, without crew battles...

    The academy (crew)name is Art of football academy, tag AMY.

    Hoping yiu can help me to solve this problem,


  • @pin-kod Hi, welcome.
    If you contact everybody from that crew and ask them to leave the crew then then the crew will be removed automatically.

  • @hespera I did it, it was the first thing that crossed my mind, but than i saw 3,4 inactive players, last log in was in august, and i wonder if maybe they quit playing for good is there any software mechanism from OFM that can be used to delete this crew?

  • @pin-kod In that case I'll have to get back to you at a later time to see what can be done about it.

  • Okay the crew has been gone now.
    But remember for next time, if someone creates a talent crew, let the crew leader also appoint a vice to avoid this kind of situation.

  • @hespera The crew situation is solved!
    Thank you for the help and advice, I really appreciate it 😊 ... !!!

    Cheers 🍻

  • You're welcome, then it's now time to close this topic.