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    the player "xxxxxxxxxxxxx" trainer off the team "xxxxxxx" have send to me a private message whith content inapropriatte, for 3 times in the same day, in the ligue "xxxxxxxx" on the country Paraguay
    that type off messages is not admissabel on games like this;
    this game is for fun, not to offend the others players.

  • @mike-mule
    Hello Miguel and welcome to the World forum. 🙂

    It is sad to see that your first post in here has to do with such an unfortunate matter and I'm sorry for that.
    My friend I couldn't agree more with you. This game is indeed a very competitive one but it is supposed to bring fun and people together and definitely not any kind of hostility. We must always try to behave in a civilised manner and treat fellow managers in the best possible way.
    Any form of abuse and mistreatment goes against the OSM Terms of Use! Whether it is a forum post/reply or a private message via the game's messenger or the forum's messenger.
    Please have a look at the Term No 6 :

    So let's see what a manager is supposed to do right after receiving an insulting PM ( aka Private Message )

    1. We take screen shots of the inappropriate message
    2. We do not reply to the abuser , most importantly not in the same manner (bad language) that he did!
    3. We must send a report of this abuse directly to the Support Team via a mail : EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com
      On this mail you must include of course your username, the abuser's username or even better a link of his OSM game profile page, your screen shot(s) of the PM(s) and an explanation of the situation.

  • For Your Information :
    @mike-mule And to the rest of our community


    Please keep in mind that any kind of report against an OSM manager must be handled at all times with absolute discretion.
    We must never post usernames or any personal data on the public forums!

    As you must all know by now , all types of reports are being handled and replied to managers via mails by our Support Team members. Whether they have to do with a abusive message/behavior or with a cheat report.

    Thank you all in advance ! 🤝