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    Hi all,,

    I was wondering
    When you play with a middle ranked club in say the bundesliga where your players have 75 average stats,, is it better to like everyone, spend all your money on 2 or 3 good forwards with high 90 stats, or try to balance the entire team to 85 average stats??

  • @ricooox I always balance out my team first and then bring in high level players later on.

  • @suleman____f I agree with this strategy 100%. I strongly believe to a good balanced squad building for every position. Besides , if I spend all of my Club funds during the first days of a league only to buy those high rated Forwards who are the most expensive players then I will end up with a small amount of players in total and with really low rated Mids and Defs.

  • @ricooox Hello and welcome to the OSM game and World forum. 🙂
    I just realised that you are a brand new manager so I should better inform you about another matter too.
    Please have a look at this topic : https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/38715/bundesliga-statement?page=1
    Since you mentioned this specific league on your post, thought you should know.

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    Problem with balanced squad strategy is

    1. amount of transfers it requires is large. Transfer process is not fast.
    2. another thing is getting players at good transfer price.If you are going to make so many transfers you will be overpaying.
    3. You can train only one player at a time. So improving your whole squad into top players is impossible.
      I prefer buying expensive players and really cheap young players. Place them in Transfer List and gain big profits.While training cheap players into good players.

  • @gg1234 - I don't really have many problems with the balanced squad strategy that me and many other managers use. It depends on the mood on the transfer list too, sometimes a lot of players can be sold in a league the next day only 2 could be sold. So in my opinion its luck. Also, if the players you put on the list are on maximum sell price they may not be sold quickly whereas if they are say 30 million instead of 60 million, they will be sold quickly. Furthermore, you can train 4 players at a time - specifically a striker,midfielder,defender and keeper - but it is still better than nothing. I had a league slot with Managers FC and i got every player over 100 -I had about 24 players- and got my team to a billion pounds+ mostly via training and transfers. So it really isn't impossible y'know. Young players are good prodigies for when the league progresses but five 85 rated players for say 120 million are better than two 98 for 120 million (Quality doesn't really mean that they're good and will fit into your team). Hope this helps!