Such a sad end for the year 2016

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    A Russian military plane carrying members of the army's official choir traveling to perform in Syria has crashed in the Black Sea near Sochi. There are apparently no survivors, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

    Can't help but wonder... So many lost their lives recently.
    First we had the plane crash with a whole football team gone. Now this one too.
    War and terrorism is all around us. And all this for what?
    Sometimes I feel like everything good is disappearing day by day. Even top singers and artists that have inspired so many generations are gone forever.:cry:

    How can I be happy? Can anyone tell me one good thing that was mentioned on his/her tv news for the last years ?
    I have this weird feeling since the year 2000 that everything goes backwards instead of moving forward into greater things for our mankind. The saddest Christmas ever. :disappointed:

    My sincere condolences to our Russian Community of OSM.
    May God rest their souls in peace and give strength to the victims's families. I'm so sorry for these news my mates. :(

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    @SUPERNOVA-8 alt text

    My condolences. This is a huge loss not only for Russia, but all over the world.

  • So many accidents involving airplanes and so many people on board in a short time ... not good.

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 And when you think it couldn't be worse, Carrie Fisher dies aged 60. May the Force be with her

  • It is a very sad situation :(

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    @AlbertoSab12 said in Such a sad end for the year 2016:

    Carrie Fisher

    You're right Alberto. Bad news keep coming until the last breath of 2016...:disappointed_relieved:
    Farewell Princess Leia. :cry: From Star Wars to a Star in Heaven . May God rest her soul. :cross:

  • Who'd have thought generations of human ignorance would lead to shit happening? And 2017 will be a devastating year too. Hopefully you survive World War 3.

  • I'm sorry, but that's life

    People die and others are born

    In the end, the country will not stop :disappointed: :cry:

  • @WrinkledPaulsack 2017 is probably the year with least threat of having a WW3

  • I wanna stop watching the news and TV in general. I just can't stand this madness currently going on and the bad news you hear everyday.

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