Bug or Malicious transaction?

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    Most Valueable Player sold to Rival Team at the Minimum Price when he was not on sale list. Is this a bug or a malicious successfull attempt? I play Norwich in PL and manage to be first so far against strong teams as Manchester City. My best player Sancho ranked 105 with a 55 mil value gets sold to MC for 41.5 mil (minimum value). This player was not on transaction list. I have problems now getting my first 11 when another forwarder player was suspended. I open a case but didn't hear anything back.Is this a bug or someone is messing up with the game? In any situation I need an answer from people who support this game because this is not right what is happening.

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    Resolution for this case - "Not enough evidence" - So I'm losing my best player to the best team in the league with no Negotitions process AT ALL. No request, no approval for a deal......Then during the direct game my player is in opposite team lineup. This is not right. Can you do better than that OSM? I am unhappy with the no resolution "let it go" you had at this case. It may be a bug but you need to do something to find out what happened. Send me the resolution when you have one. Thank you.

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    If you are sure that your player wasn't on the TL neither did you receive any offer for him then you have to fill in the bug template that you can find on this topic.

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    @King_Jamiu_10 ...I am in direct fight with City for the first place. I have my best player at 105 value with 55 mil value. Why would I sell it to my rival for 41 mil (minimum price)??? Doesn't make any sense to me....................... Could it be 2 players called Sancho in the game and he made an offer for one at a lower value price 41 mil and he got my player somehow under the table with higher value price 55 mil for 41 mil? Are 2 Sancho players belonging to two different teams but somehow having one identity?

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    We'll know what exactly the problem is when you fill in the template below:

    🔷 Bug Report Template:
    At this moment we've got 5 different versions on which users can login to OSM:

    • Website (PC or mobile device)
    • Facebook
    • Android App
    • iOS App (iPhone)
    • iOS App (iPad)

    🔸 All bugs should be reported using the following basic guidelines.

    Login: (Login of the user with the bug)
    Account: (Slot1, Slot2, Slot3, Slot4)
    League number: (not mandatory if you don't know how to find it)
    Date & Time of the bug: (This should be as accurate as possible, for developers to check error logs)
    Platform: (Website PC/Mobile, Facebook, Android App, iPhone App, iPad App) ***
    Screenshots: (Full screen - URL and time should be presented)
    Bug step-by-step Description: (The ideal is that you describe all the steps you do to reproduce the error)

    ***For bugs related with the full website and Facebook versions, please add:

    ***For bugs related with the Android App and iOS App versions, please add:
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