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    Its more as an advice rather then a question.. if the remaining credit at the end of a league will be forwarded to a new league its more wise even to start building your new team quickly rather to loose all the money and start from scratch, this even will help users play the money more wisely to keep for future leagues..

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    Thanks for your suggestion but OSM is a one season game and the club fund is meant for the club not the manager. So when the season ends everything that has to do with the club resets which makes more sense, so you always have to start from scratch when choosing a new club. It doesn't make any sense taking another team's fund to a new team. Also this will only aid cheaters the more.

    However, you as the manager have your own boss coins which you can spend "wisely" and also take with you to every club you manage.

    • Club fund - The team's property
    • Boss coins - The manager's property.

    And this won't change anytime soon!