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  • Hi,
    Why is Inter Milan the first place?

    The rule is: If teams finish on equal points at the end of the season, head-to-head matches will be the tie-breaker.

    Inter Milan - Fiorentina 2:1
    Fiorentina - Inter Milan 4:0

    alt text

    Thank you!

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    I don't know where you got that rule from.

    But on OSM the criteria for tie breaking when teams are on equal points is:

    • Most goal difference
    • Most goals scored
    • Most number of wins
    • Alphabetical order (English spelling)

    No problem here!

  • @Ciuric - I think it depends on Goal difference my friend!
    Your GD is 105. His is 111. Therefore he/she is first because of having a better goal difference.
    Hope this helps you!

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