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    Thank you Ivan. 🙂 I'm all in for "fair play & play to win" ! And at this point I grab the opportunity to remind to everybody that collusion ( aka setting losing tactics ) goes totally against the article 8 of the OSM Terms of use!

    Think a lot of people and top crews still prefer the unofficial battle competitions, I still do Sophie. The official ones have grown on me and my crew though. I still think GBs BCs spend will still be a lot higher on the unofficial battles competitions than official battles? I hope unofficial battles competitions never stop.

    Doing competitions with the new official battle systems has a lot of potential. If you got a good organiser to do it that has done some unofficial battles they would get loads of interest, I have no doubt about that. No losing tactics either

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    @HBlauzahn thanks for your interest, my crew would play anyone mate. We just would like 4 battles at a time😁in 2 days we will have 20managers waiting for battles🙈aswell as 3 subs lol

    Anyone ? Or... Everyone ? 😜 Maybe I should start calling you Gary Oldman from now on ... 🤔

    Oh man! Yer killing me !! 😂🤣

    Lmao anyone/everyone😂same to me mate. We just wanna play as many as possible win,lose or draw

  • @jeffro-davies nice comeback against alliance💪💪💪👑

  • @نااانسي-عجرم thank you, I’m not playing in that battle though unfortunately. I’m in the TeknoRed one. I’m really hoping we get some battles after these 2 🤞

  • @jeffro-davies
    Good luck 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Here is my suggestion, I have some experience in game programing and this seems to be doable.

    first of all what would make more competitive the new battle system is that fixing BP distribution system in smth like this:

    Amature Division: 0 BP
    Semi-Pro Division: 1 BP
    Pro Division: 1 BP
    Champion Division 2 BP
    World Star Division: 2 BP
    Legend Division: 3 BP
    OSM Division: 3 BP

    This will have result like:

    • Members with try to join top crews or try to build top crews, so by trying to join better crew you need to get better.
      -This will reduce number of crews that are created from members for getting easy BP, by stoping this crews will have more active members on their crews.
    • This will keep crews more united because it will keep players limited on chaining their crews.

    I was talking about BP as important key only if now matchmaking have a check also on BPs of players.

    after checks that I did how matchmaking is working I thought that its in a difference of 10% from crew to crew I would change it to 5%! so rank 80 can not play rank rank 20 if that will happen then we have strong competition and thats nothing bad from it, so with 5% crews will play against crews that are near them and this would be much enjoyable. In this case we will do a great competition for rank 20+ but what we did for an important peace of puzzle like rank 1, rank 2, rank 3 and rank 4 that in near future these places will be far with medals from other crews and by now how system is these top crews will stop playing new battle system and Im scared that the meaning of battle will changed and that can cost all of us players same happen to another game (dugout-online) the transfer system killed the game.

    In university and also with clients how we fixed issues like this! there a logic ready like in chess game, tennis, games that counter strike and as far as I can remember Fifa 16 used that logic im not sure about that, so there is an system called ELO method, that is hidden inside the game rating system. The system changes your ranking to match you up against a player of equal skill level. The system is used to deliver fair and balanced matchups for all players, giving everyone a metric to judge their performances against other competitors.

    Im trying to have an example:

    Rank 55 will win 6 battle in a row (for developers would be an easy query to run on their db whats a strike or an avg for crews that can go without losing a battle) then we see that this rank 55 is strong for these 5% of crews that are near them this will have a chance to face these strong crews that difference is far and cant have a battle for long. This is easy to program and this can be fun all of members

    Here is an idea with green color the crews what they can face with 5% but also the first 5 crews we can see that they can have an end with existing system in near future and yes its kind of boring playing same crew all the time.


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