• Does anyone know what it takes to get 10 reputation on this forum? Because it is annoying when I want to post twice in succession to multiple topics but it says " As a new user, you must wait 900 seconds(15 minutes) to post again until you get 10 reputation" I don't remember if those are the exact words, but I am still wondering what 10 reputation is. I also don't know what is considered a new user because I have been using this forum for almost 5 months and have posted 45 times.

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    Looking at your forum profile, I see you have 3 reputation at the moment.

    Your reputation increases by one anytime someone upvotes your post and also decreases by one anytime someone downvotes your post in any topic on the forum. Like the one below:
    So number of reputation you have is dependent on the number of upvotes you get minus the number of downvotes you get.

    Well, this is just something the engine will say as long as you still have these restrictions regardless of how long you've been using this forum. Nothing will change until you have gotten the ten reputation needed to remove this restriction.