• Hello managers,

    After some time disabled, 442oons league is back!

    We've updated squads, added some new players on transfer list and quite some new lines were added for newspaper, commentator, injuries, cards..... quite some nice and fun ones.

    Let us know when you find something that's new and that pleased you on this update.

    Have fun and enjoy it!

  • Really sad that Managers FC is gone.😞 They were the best team in the 442oons league even though their objective was 12th place and all of their players were over 87 overall. They had the best squad value by far, were my favorite team in OSM, and I was able to win all three cups with them. But it looks like they have been replaced by the Premier League All-stars team which is only half Managers Fc's squad value and has a much higher objective than Mangers FC. Pretty disappointed by that decision by 442oons creators to replace Managers Fc with the Premier League All-stars team. 😞

  • @uchenna-a - I'm disappointed too but then again, Managers FC was overpowered and had a low objective. If you have an elite overpowered team and you need to finish above 12+ it's crazy!!! Therefore they probably balanced it and made it seem more realistic to us as well as making it more fair!

  • Also why are all of the teams ratings so low for the 442oons league now, especially Liverpool? (88 ovr Van Dijk?!, 87 ovr Firmino?!) 🤔

  • Team goals are not based only on player stats and squad value. Other factors are taken into account (players age/average team age, average number of players and a few more)

    Managers FC were removed as an 'active' team.... but not removed from the league

    Player stats are low? Well, this is a fantasy league. Not all players from ALL teams were added. There must be also place to improve squads and not ALL OSM players are available to pop on transfer list or to be scouted. We've more than 300 players to be scouted, but if we gave the players same stats as in their leagues, probably only a few of the scouted players will fit the needs of the existing squads!

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    Who are the players in Premier all stars

  • @DeLyta - Eric Cantona, Thierry Henry, Drogba, Shearer, Overmars, Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham, Scholesy, Giggs, Keane, Macnaman, Ferdinand, Terry, Vidic, Cole, Ivanovic, Reese, Neville, Campbell, Schmeichel and David Seaman.

    All 86+ rated at the start. Age varies from 49 to 26 lol

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    @Suleman____f Thanks but is Alphonso davies in Bayern Monstermunchen
    P.S. Anyone can reply to me it's really important thanks

  • @DeLyta I believe not yet. Maybe next year. Sorry for the late reply!