Allegedly "unbeatable goalkeeper" with comparatively bad rating

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    Today my match in the Ligue 1 was Marseille (my team is Saint-Éttiene).

    What I'm reporting as a bug is the godly defense they're pulling off: in 5 matches, they've only scored one goal and suffered one (against a 3-3-4 team with way less possession!), while playing all of their games in a decently offensive 4-4-2 B Shoot on Sight.
    Funnily enough, my team is 12-0 on Goal Difference, but this is because I've dominated all my games and have a great goalkeeper (93 rated Ter Stegen) and defense, while they have just been drawing games they have no business drawing after losing hard in ball possession and opportunities.

    The commentators' in Match Experience excuse was "Saint-Éttiene's offense wasn't strong enough to beat the goalkeeper" while they're using a 65 rated Goalkeeper, way worse than the 87 rated Díaz and 81 rated Kownacki that I pitted against them, in a 4-4-2 A Wing Play with very offensive sliders that should directly beat them and got 13 shots off...
    To further my confusion, their 4 men defense was composed by ratings of 80, 78, 76 and 59. If this isn't a bug, then I'd ask to not make it a feature to lose precious points against a defense that isn't even close to evenly matched to your offense. I usually have very high winrates and this upsets me a lot.
    If there is a solution to this that I can be a part of, please inform me (as in if there's any realistic change in tactics I could do that would work next time to fix the problem).

  • @ballgeek2000 Yeah same I have over 79% winning rate after playing close to 2,000 games and at times I have 80+ attackers in my lineup playing teams five times less squad value than me and I end up drawing 1-1 and 0-0 when they either had no manager or inactive managers and no training camps were involved. I am going 100 percent all-out attack, had all positions pushing forward, balanced pressing, possession (and at times high-speed passing), their defenders and are in the '50s and '60s and have below 50% fitness and morale, I have over 90 fitness and 100 morale and I STILL DRAW. Unacceptable and unbelievable in my opinion. I totally agree with you, but maybe how attacking you went and better or worse tactics were involved in the result.

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    @ballgeek2000 I think RNG also plays a major role. On the contrary, I left my team for a day or two and actually won (maybe because the AI took over). The team I played against was almost 5 times my team value so I was quite surprised. I guess we will never know the secrets of this engine.

  • @Duxtar_NL Sorry but what does RNG mean?

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    @uchenna-a It's Random Number Generator. I don't know much about it but one thing I can tell you it's a luck aspect of a game

  • @nguyen147 Yeah I don't know for sure if a random number generator is used to determine the results in game engine, but I do know that the game engine is completely random and luck and tactics play a major role in OSM.