Players are not sellng in League Cup Tournament!

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    Hello, I'm currelty in a league cup tournament with Inter Milan and my players do not sell. I've done close to 30 million only and I am an active player as I log in every few 2-4 hours and have 4 players in the transfer list at all times. I have classified to the next phase at game 5 however the other league opponents are getting much tougher with the transferlist. They have sold plenty of players at max price over 30-50 million totalling upto near 200 million maybe more in sales and bought players as usual. I cannot make any transerfers as my players don't sell for any price, not even low cost players. I was obliged to sell 2 players using credits but its not enough.
    The issue is that my current team cannot handle teams with all 90+ stats and some already have 100+stat players such as Juve. This never happened before to me in the game.
    Has this ever happend to someone else? Is it a bug? Can someone please help
    Thank you in advance

  • @CerebralMystery I don't think this is a bug, I think it is that the transfer engine is just completely random at times and not always realistic. I agree with you though because when other mangers are able to sell their players at their max price in a few hours (when is not higher transfer chance event), but I am not able to sell my players I put on the transfer list 3 or 4 million above their value in 4 or 5 days, it is really frustrating. It is even more frustrating because my best OSM skill is squad building quickly even though I usually have around 150 boss coins, and I like squad building quickly, so it is really annoying sometimes when this happens.

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    @uchenna-a yea it sucks. I'll have to wait and see what will happen. Maybe they will start selling after group phase or maybe it was just dumb luck. Even if it is ramdom it should sell my player. I've sold much less players than other teams and as mentioned before, not much money accumulated. Wish me luck for knockout phase 😜

  • @CerebralMystery Yeah good luck dude, seems like you will really need it considering how hard tournaments are.

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    @uchenna-a you too, good luck on your journey 😃

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    Just as it has always been stated here several times, transfers are random and there isn't much one can do to help, you just have to keep working the transfer list to figure out how to sell your players quicker as well as make lots of profit minding OSM rules (illegal transfers).

    Good luck with your league mate 👍