Browser (chrome & firefox) seems to be messing about

  • German Users

    So basically my browser started to mess around. While using Firefox I keep getting thrown back into the "career" screen instead of getting into the dashboard or whatever else I picked. Knowingly not having changed anything before this started to happen, my first choice was to ask google and try to find a post with an issue like this on the forum. No dice.
    The next step was switching to google chrome just for OSM. That worked fine. But as of today that thing is messing around too. Seeing as it worked fine yesterday before I turned of the computer - it ran no updates or anything when windows 10 shut down. And the last thing I did was start trainings via chrome. I am fairly certain that I have not made any changes this time either. Yet I end up with a basically blank screen like this.
    alt text

    When I should be seeing this or the login screen directly.
    alt text

    The pc this is happening on was actually set up yesterday. And again... it worked perfectly fine as it was turned off yesterday. And the first thing done was to try and log in on OSM. And this is happening. No updates run on any software in the meantime. No changes made in any options. To my understanding there should not be much room for human error on my part based on this.

    Would appreciate some help. Eventhough doing most things via the app on my cellphone is fine.. a lot of other things like the data analyst for example are just so much better via browser.

    Thanks in advance