Query about boss coins rewards for video

  • @SpecialOne As a web user, I am afraid to report that the no boss coin reward issue that I mentioned yesterday has been getting worse and worse.

    Today I was doing an hourly free bc watching, but I was it took me watching 15 videos to earn 9 boss coins. At one point during that ad watching spree it took me watching 9 videos to earn 3 boss coins. I also had to watch 3 ads in a row and got 0 boss coins.

    But it gets worse. 😱

    Later on today I was doing another hourly free bc watching, but it took me watching more than 20 videos to get 9 boss coins. At one point during that ad watching spree it took me watching 10 videos to get 2 boss coins. I also had to watch 6 ads in a row and got 0 boss coins.

    This matter has unfortunately gotten much worse in just a day. I watch the ads all the way through and get nothing half or more than half of the time, which is why this has become a serious issue very quickly. I am wondering if any other web users or maybe even mobile users are having this problem. I would love for this issue to be dealt with or addressed quickly because it is getting super annoying having to watch twice the amount of videos to get boss coins.

  • @SpecialOne It has been a week, and honestly I don't know why I haven't gotten a response from you, so: I would appreciate if you responded to the posts and suggestion I made a week ago, as I put in a lot of work and effort making those posts. I would still like to know if the 3rd place (Toolbar) to watch videos every hour will be implemented for web users, or at least maybe in the near future. I am also still wondering if the ad watching problem for me as a web user will be dealt with.

    Please, I would love for you to respond to the question and suggestion unless you want me to ask you directly in chat.

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    Hello @uchenna-a
    I have moved your post from the Game Updates topic to a new topic with a new title. Since that is the wrong place to make your post.

    I forwarded your report and a check was made on watched videos vs your rewarded BC around the day of your post (~14th) and recent days. Data shows you have received your reward for every video you watched.

    Adding that 3rd option to Web is on GB's to-do list and will be handled as soon as they can, all users will be informed with the rest on the updates topic once there's news to share.

    There is also no need for you to tag any admins, you have us, the staff and mods, who will answer sooner or later.

  • @King_Jamiu_10 I usually get 0 boss coins on this certain Applixir video that is 5 seconds long and quickly says "Thank you" right after the video then takes me out of the video immediately. Also no I have not received a reward for every video I have watched because I always check my amount of coins after watching a video and at times it shows my boss coin amount staying the same after watching the video. Sometimes for 1-3 days straight I am always getting 6 boss coins for 6 videos and I am not seeing that 5-second Appllixir video at all, but then the next day after those days I start seeing that 5-second video again and then I start having to watch 10-12 videos to get 6 boss coins.

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    @uchenna-a could you make a video recording from when you start to watch these videos till the end so devvers can see what happens when you finish watching them.

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