Not being able to watch any free boss coin videos today

  • I don't know why, but today I have not been able to watch any free videos and it has been like this for 22 hours. As a web user, I have not been able to watch any free boss coin videos per hour or any data analyst videos, so I have not been able to get 6 boss coins per hour as usual. It just says: "Out of business offers, check back with us later", which is the message it says after I usually watch my hourly 6 boss coin videos, but now every time I try to watch free videos it says that message, which is not normal. Is anyone experiencing the same thing and is there a remedy to this problem? This is annoying because I have missed out today on a bunch of free boss coins and it isn't even my fault.

  • Hi,

    There was a problem with reward videos, but all should be fine by now.

    Can you confirm it?

  • @SpecialOne I had the same problem yesterday, but now it is working fine again 👍 Thanks for fixing it!

  • @SpecialOne Yes everything is back to normal now, I am able to watch my 6 free videos every hour as a web user. All is good. Thank you for your time. 🙂

  • Tks for the feedback!

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