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    Would like to ask you if you are planning to fix Dutch version of the game? Playing a lot with friends from netherlands, but they have to use Dekstop version of the game on their phone because they cannot to find our league or our profiles in the app. Are y planning to fix this? or if i can ask when?

    thanks for your respond 🙂

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    @effecto_2 There's no problem at all.
    They can't find you becausse you're a world user.
    To be able to play together you all need to play the same version of the game.

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    we are a big group of people using all different language version of google store... so everyone got different version... but we all could connect together just people with Dutch version of google store couldnt join to us.. thats why iam asking if they can fix it....because i quess its possible

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    As explained above by @Acantha the Dutch version and the world version are two separate game so a world user cannot find a Dutch version user and vice versa. This is how it will remain for now or maybe changed in the future.

    You all have to be playing the same version of you want to player together.

    Since most of you play the world version, you can ask those who are on the Dutch version to uninstall their app then change their phone language to English, re-install the app again and then create/login to an account. This should give them a world version account where you all can play together and will be able to find one another.