• Turkish Moderator

    Hello. As we know, there is no German league in the game. In order to play the German league or to send an scout to the German league, the device must be in German or we must connect to the game at de.onlinesoccermanager.com. I chose Germany when sending the scout. When I sent the scout, the league seemed to be Germany, but when I connected to the game over the phone it says "No preference". And this happens twice this morning. So I missed the scout 2 times (8 hours). I want a solution to my problem. The evidence is available in the photos below.

    The image of the scout when I first sent him.


    The image of the scout from the phone.

    Good work.

  • English Moderator


    There is nothing to fix here, the German league is only available in the German version of OSM so as scouting from the German league. You have to play the German version to use any feature of the German version since they're not available in other versions.

    So it's best to stick to one language version instead of switching versions with different features.