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    hi. i want to bring the japanese forward kubo from spanish team mallorca and I searched him several times with striker choice,attribute range 75-84,defensive style,young age,japan nationality and league spanish 1,but the scout couldn't find him and nobody hasn't bought him in my league yet.how can I bring him?

  • What's the matter with such a specific player? Just get a similiar player instead.

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    I don't want to buy other players I want Takefusa Kubo.Can someone help me rather than judging?

  • I'm trying to help you.
    Players in OSM are all the same but just with different names, nationalities, ages and skills.
    A specific player won't do any difference.

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    I could bring any specific player I want including Kubo two weeks ago,what changed?Also,in OSM everyone brings specific players this is why scout is used for.Maybe the developers should delete scout and we only buy players from transfer list.

  • @exterlord93 Maybe try putting attacking instead of putting defensive, maybe that will be able to get him. If after putting attacking style and he doesn't bring back Takefusa Kubo, then try all-round style and see if the scout brings him.

  • You can simply stop using it and get my point.
    Leave it for others to use it without complaining.

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    The present scout is not exactly designed, to bring a specific player. As much as it does bring specific players most times, sometimes this may not be the case since it is mainly designed to bring 3 players matching the criteria/prefrences you required. And if that's not available it brings the next best thing it could find since it's also designed to always come back with players rather than coming back empty handed.

    On OSM players of same rating will perform the same way regardless of other factors.

    Bottom line is that it's better to scout for any player based on what you want (preferences) rather than trying to get a specific player especially when you've tried it several times and failed!
    But this is my opinion though, you can keep trying if you insist on getting a specific player. Good luck!