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    Is there any meaningful reason when in private league the mod resignes why other players cant be the mod

    Sorry for my bad England 🙂

  • What could be the criteria? I can't think of any that'd be fair. questioning

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    This post is deleted!

  • Years ago, when the moderator / creator would resigned, the game automatically put another user, premium, and if not, a normal one. I think I remember that among several I would used experience criteria.

    I suppose that now they just want to let creators, who have spent their BCs on it, have the option of eliminating inactive ones, although I don't see why they don't recover it.

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    I give 400 coins to a english league (im the moderator) w my friends then i try to change the manager slot of the team so i resigned i cannot go back to league then i deleted my account to get back into the league so i gave up on my accounts coins etc i dont care about them i just want to get back to the league
    Ä° dont think changing league moderator or make it open everyone is that hard tbh

  • @AlpHanimoglu
    I understand you, but currently that is not possible.
    On the one hand, if you resign in a league you cannot re-enter, with any slot.

    On the other hand, when the moderation cannot be "transferred", the league is closed after the moderator resigns.

    You should have asked un Support Forum before resigning.
    I'm sorry.

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    @jacobs youre 100% correct but why they cant do anything about it
    a little problem is getting bigger than it should be

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    We won't do anything about it because it was your decision to resign from your league and since you locked it before resigning the new moderator (OSM) can't open it so it remains locked for the rest of the league. Users should take extra care when performing any action on their accounts as OSM can't be held responsible for users mistake(s).

    There is also no option of transferring league moderatorship to another user since every user has the capability to create their own league.