cheating and multiple accounts in the same league

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    cheating and multiple accounts in the same league and that caused many bad effect on the Other Coaches in the league and also I'v already reported about him but my report hadn't respond Any reply so At First its the italian league and the name of the coach who do that is >> *****
    and the user : *****
    and the other account that he used also to get rid of me is > *****

    and the user : *****

    so please respond to my request or my report and thank for Support ..

  • English Moderator


    Cheating, suspension or lock will never be reported, discussed or handled through forums.

    If you suspect anyone of cheating you have to report it through our system by going to the manager's profile and use the report cheater tool that you can find there.

    And if you've already reported someone then you have to wait and be patient till your report is handled especially during weekends.