Sanctions against Iran at OSM 😕

  • Today I found out that sanctions against Iran are seen even at OSM.
    A few examples

    Login to the forum should be done with VPN, video without VPN will not be possible to expedite training coaches and scouts etc.

    Are these numerous problems, some of them mentioned above, by the Iranian government or OSM?
    Is it possible to banned my account when I login with VPN? 😞
    (VPN server can move your phone to another country)

  • That is why there are few Iranians in forum 😞

  • Hi,

    Tks for letting us know about this problem, but that's nothing we've implemented.
    We're sorry that you can't access OSM neither OSM forums directly, but that's not due any thing we've done on our side.

    It's something due to your Internet service provider or your government.

    If you follow ALL OSM terms, then there won' be any reason for us to lock your account.