Been more than 72 hour since I reported yet the obvious cheater is yet to be banned.

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    Dear Staff, I understand this isn't the place to post this but I have no choice. He uses training camp against me with his secondary teams and transfers players between them.
    I started playing this game a long time ago and been on and off but considering quitting forever if this crap continues. I play, build, and win fairly, so why I should I deal with constant cheaters who abuse this method with no punishment?

    Cheater: ***
    Secondary teams: ***

    As you can see, his main team is on Android and secondary teams are on PC most likely using VPN and different browsers.

    The player cheating is doing it in all of his manager slots. Its not hard to figure out so I don't understand why is it taking so long??? Just take a look at the transfers. He uses 4+ teams in the same league to make transfers between them. His main team *** signs players from those teams at their value, and his other teams (***) sign players from his main team at their maximum price. He also does it between his secondary teams. He also uses secret training plus training camp against me on all of his accounts. It is obvious cheating so I don't get why its taking so long. You just have to glance at it for a few minutes and you'll see its blatancy. We all know VPNs exist and thus nullifies detecting the same ip as a way to catch these cheaters. If this wasn't so blatant I wouldn't have posted this, but the fact that IT IS and you have yet to punish the offender is just mind boggling. You don't need to take more than a minute and you don't need 200 IQ to figure out he's cheating.

    Pay attention to the value of the players. Sell high buy low to these teams. Example is ***, he sells him at his maximum price to *** (A recently made account by the same person so that he could use a training camp when he faced me). Its as if the limit is 4 transfers till it gets detected by the system. That is if there is a system in the first place, and even if there is, it truly is useless. Pay attention to the

    NOTE: This is just between his main team and secondary teams. He does the same with all of his secondary teams. Tell me this isn't obvious cheating??

  • Hi mate,
    Cheating wont be discussed on forums. Normally it takes about 72 hours to respond to mails but sometimes there are too many of them so you'll have to be patient until your report is handled.