Reported obvious cheater and came back with "Not Enough Evidence"

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    I have reported an obvious cheater who is doing it in all of his slots and after over a week FINALLY they look at the report, except that they didn't really. If they did look at the report, that cheater would be banned. The verdict says "Not Enough Evidence" YET, I provided them with over 8 different transfers between his teams alongside their value. His main team bought players at their value and sold at their maximum price to his secondary teams (about 4 teams). Now tell me, what am I supposed to do? That person is using a VPN so ip tracing is useless. Can someone from the mods here take a look because its getting ridiculous that I had to wait this long first of all to get any response, and secondly the report was not even looked at. Just look at the persons transfers, tell me how that is not cheating????

    When I sell a player who is valued at say 20 mil and sell him for 50 mil to my secondary team, and buy a player who has a value of 30 mil at a price of 30 mil from the same manager, and do this about 4 times on each account. How is that NOT considered cheating? Why would their secondary team (if it wasn't actually his secondary team) buy a player from his main team for more than double their value about 4 times when there are MUCH better players in the transfer market at a MUCH lower price. OSM you're becoming a joke. You can't deal with cheaters. This is truly messed up. I'm absolutely disappointed that you can't even deal with most blatant cheaters.

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    Before you claim that "Just because you think that person is cheating, doesn't mean they are". Buddy, this isn't even a question of whether he's cheating or not, its a question of when is he getting banned. That's how obvious it is. I have sent an email already if you're going to suggest that but it'll take another week or so and will affect the league in the end. That is why I want to deal with this now. If any mod out there, I would like to message you and prove it to you. This is ridiculous.

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    No need proving anything to any MOD. Also, report, discussion and verdict regarding cheating will never be entertained on forums.

    Since you've sent an email already then you have to wait until you get a response.